Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to The Inexperienced Foodie, this idea steamed from Ryan (my fiance) thinking I should pair my love for food and trying new restaurants with my passion for writing.

Here you will find reviews from restaurants that I absolutely love, as well as recipes my family has handed down and my own creations I whip up.

Why The Inexperienced Foodie you ask? Well, that is because I am an inexperienced cook who is learning my way around the kitchen one burnt finger at a time. When I am not learning my way around the kitchen, I am out trying new restaurants and if the customer service and food is superb I want to share my experience with you so you too can have a happy tummy and full heart.

That’s a bit about me and what you will find here on The Inexperienced Foodie. Take a peek around, find something that interests you, feel free to comment, and thanks again for stopping by!


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