Brown Sugar Acorn Squash

It’s that time of year; pumpkin spice you name it, sweater weather (if you’re not in Florida), leaves changing colors (if you’re not in Florida), and squash appearing in the stands at produce markets.

My go-to squash is Acorn Squash, you know the smaller round one that is green. I call it my “go-to” because it is super simple to make.

Acorn Squash

Now, I cannot take any credit at all for this Acorn squash recipe, the credit goes to my mom, Judy Leppla. Side note – my mom deserves her own cooking show, but I will just be her voice here. So, back to the squash, all you need is:

  1. Acorn Squash
  2. A Baking Pan
  3. Brown Sugar

– To cook the squash preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
– Put the squash on the baking pan and slip it into the oven. If I was a professional chef I could tell you how long to bake it for, but I am clearly inexperienced, so I just leave it in the oven until it’s easy to cut with a knife – I would guesstimate 30 minutes.
– Once it’s easy enough to insert a knife into, cut the squash into two halves.
– Scoop out the seeds using a spoon.
– Use a fork to pull away the stringy squash from the green colored outer shell of the squash.
[For scooping out the seeds and pulling the stringy squash away from the flesh I use an oven mitt to hold on to the squash. This way I have a hold of the squash and I am not burning my fingers.]
– Once the insides are stringy sprinkle brown sugar onto the squash for a little extra flavor. The amount of brown sugar you sprinkle is entirely up to your brown sugar cravings.
– Then return the squash to the oven for 10 minutes and that’s it.

Like I said, super simple!

Bon Appetite!



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