Oh Andros

Located in the Fish Fry area of Nassau, Bahamas, Oh Andros serves up local Caribbean flavor. With quite an extensive menu, you will find it hard to decide what to order. But after seeing the fresh conch shells lining the port, we knew an appetizer of conch was a must. Our order of conch fritters consisted of 10 pieces for $3.00, you can’t beat that in my book. The conch fritters were served with a side dipping sauce and were cooked to perfection. However, according to my wimpy taste buds the fritters were pretty spicy as they were filled with red pepper. But like I said, the large chunks of conch were cooked to perfection.

I was set on ordering the fish burger, until our Bahama Mamma server came back to take our order and my mom asked her what her favorite dish is – we both ended up ordering a “snack” of fish fingers for $16 each. I say snack because on the menu you have the option to choose from; apps, snacks, combo dinners, pasta, Chinese food, and burgers, but don’t let the term “snack” steer you wrong. Our meals were large enough to share, even though I did eat all four pieces of lightly battered fish fingers and the accompanied plantains. Similar to the conch, you could tell the white fish was fresh and there was no need to add any tarter sauce, Ranch, or even lemon for taste. The fish fingers were lightly battered, but even after eating the four pieces I felt satisfied and didn’t have that horrible – I just ate fried food feeling.

IMG_6260 - Copy

They say you need to try the Sky-juice when in the Fish Fry area, but as I don’t drink alcohol I left that chore to my mom. She took three sips of her Sky-juice and proceeded to order a local beer, so maybe Sky-Juice isn’t for everyone. But if you like coconut milk mixed with who-knows-what liquor and large chunks of fruit coming through your straw than maybe it’s for you.

Of course I fully enjoy trying the local food when I visit the islands, but another enjoyable aspect is admiring the ambiance these authentic establishments have to offer. Set in-between multiple fish fry restaurants you can find Oh Andros with its red, brown and off yellow coloring. Ask any taxi driver and they will know exactly where to take you as Oh Andros is not only a tourist favorite, but a local favorite as well. When we first arrived for lunch we were one of three brown wooden tables, but as the time passed the eatery was full of locals grabbing some fresh food after Sunday service. If you don’t have time to dine in don’t worry, Oh Andros conveniently has a conch salad window for those on the go.


Whenever you find yourself in Nassau, Bahamas, (if ever at all) look no further than Oh Andros! But do note – they are a cash only establishment.



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