Positioned on a corner of Ocean Drive on Miami’s South Beach attached to the Winter Haven Hotel, you will find IL BOLOGNESE. Similar to all restaurants lining Ocean Drive, IL BOLOGNESE sits at the entrance to a boutique hotel with approximately 14 big umbrella tables that line the street, along with a handful of tables inside the hotel lobby.

By the name itself I am sure you can guess this an Italian restaurant, however what I ate the morning I sat under one of the big umbrella tables lining Ocean Drive was not Italian. On my trip to IL BOLOGNESE for breakfast my mom and I both ordered the egg sandwich, which I would eat everyday if I could. The woman at the table to our left explained to her server the breakfast that morning was the best breakfast she had on South Beach and that was her fourth day there. Even though that was my first and only breakfast while visiting South Beach, I could say the sandwich was one of the best breakfast orders I have ever tasted.


Served on a skillet with a side of hash-browns, this delicious egg sandwich consists of; sourdough buttered bread grilled to perfection, with some scrambles eggs, ripe tomatoes, and my favorite part- avocado smash, all stuffed in-between the pieces of sourdough. For all you meat eaters/bacon lovers, the breakfast sandwich does come with bacon.

Perfection is truly the only word I can think of to describe this meal. The egg to avocado ratio was on point, but what I think really pulled it all together was the sourdough bread. The sandwich was plenty to fill me up that I was only able to take a few bites of the hash-browns, but those were good too.


As if the egg sandwich wasn’t enough to put one in a good mood, you can’t beat the view either.


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