11th Street Diner

Previously featured on the FoodNetwork, the 11th Street Diner takes you back to the 1950’s in modern day South Beach. This historic dining car sits on the corner of 11th Street & Washington Avenue; offering America’s comfort food “with a twist”. There is something on the menu for all.


Rated by Guy Fieri as Triple D’s greatest chops, the pork chops with apples and raisins are a customer favorite – along with the Argentinian steak. Both entrees, as well as the oven roasted turkey, are noted on the menu as secret recipes featured on the FoodNetwork.

Brazi Bites Caprese


Oven Roasted Turkey, Mediterranean Vegetable Pocket, & a side of Sauteed Mixed Veggies

Set aside from choosing from the vast amounts of items on the menu, your most difficult decision while dinning at the 11th Street Diner might just be which out of 26 flavors of milk shakes will top off your meal.

Don’t think you have enough time in your day to stop by the diner? Don’t worry, the 11th Street Diner is open 24 hours (most days of the week).




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