Organic OCHO Candy

St. Nick gifted me with 2 bars of Peanut Butter Organic OCHO Candy. Something I had never heard of until this past week and now I am addicted.

These little candy bars are perfect for an on the go treat as they are small enough to fit in your pocket or any purse. Today I found it to be the solution to my 2 pm sweet tooth craving.


Like some other organic candy bars, OCHO isn’t dry or make you want to puke, it’s sweet and just sweet enough. The peanut butter and milk chocolate bar has the perfect consistency of peanuts covered in sweet milk chocolate.

I am ecstatic to have been introduced to this line of organic of chocolate and am second guessing sharing my finding with you, because that could mean less OCHO for me, but this is too tasty of a product to not let the world in on.

I can’t wait to try other varieties!


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